More Achieve Functionality for Fall 2020 Classes

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Macmillan Employee
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We had another release today and there are two things in there that you should know about:

  1. Timed assignment accommodations
  2. Insights widget library

Timed Assignments: To start, the original assessment needs to have a policy with a time limit on it. Then, once that’s set, you will go to the Student Exceptions. Put in the student(s) name and select “Time accommodation” and adjust the amount of time that that student or group of students gets on the assignment. It’s that easy! 





Insights Widget Library: Using this new functionality, you can pick the insight cards that make the most sense for you. 

From the Insights tab, instructors will be able to “Add a Widget”


You will be able to view the available cards and pick the ones that make sense.  Then, once the card is on your dashboard, you can always remove card and, even cooler, edit the card so that it works for you--for instance, adding a time range:




You can add a card more than once to have one version showing data for the last 7 days and one version showing data from ‘all time.’ You can also move the cards around to put the most important one first. 

We will be adding more ‘cards’ throughout the year and we’ll be monitoring their usage so we know which insights are, well, the most insightful for our customers. 


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