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How a Sapling Learning Question is Made

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Every question written for the Sapling Learning Introductory Biology, Genetics, or Anatomy and Physiology Libraries goes through an extensive process to ensure the highest possible quality and accuracy. All of the people who contribute to content development—authors, content reviewers, and final reviewers—are experienced educators with either a Masters or PhD in the biological sciences. At minimum, each question receives 4 hours of attention from one of your peers.

Our authors spend three to five hours in the initial authoring process, which includes researching how the topic is covered by most textbooks and writing the question, answer choices, hint, and solution. For each question, the author must also predict the most common errors a student might make and provide targeted feedback for each error. Next, a content reviewer spends at least 1 hour reviewing the question for its pedagogy and factual accuracy. A copy editor then looks over the question to ensure correct spelling and grammar. Finally, our content lead oversees the entirety of the subject and checks the question one last time.

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