Help Students Prep for Midterms with Achieve and iClicker

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Did you know that Achieve includes Learning Curve, unpenalized and multi-take assessment grading settings, Diagnostics, and iClicker Study Tools that can help students better prepare for their midterms? Just in time to relieve some exam stress, learn how you can assign any of these resources in your own courses.




LearningCurve is an adaptive self-study program for students that quickly adapts to what students know and helps them practice what they don’t yet understand.

Students complete the adaptive quizzes by answering questions until they reach the target score. Along the way, students receive clear feedback based on their correct and incorrect answers--offering an easy way for students to review and assess their understanding of key concepts. As students answer questions correctly, the questions get harder. If they get stuck, students can choose to read the e-book, see a hint (which reduces the point value of the question), or they can give up and move to the next question. 

You can view LearningCurve results by class, topic, or by individual student.

Learn more about LearningCurve.


Multi-Take Assessments

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Unpenalized (practice) and multi-take grading policies are included in Achieve’s built-in assessment grading settings. 

The unpenalized setting allows students unlimited attempts to complete each question with no penalty for wrong answers. They can use resources like the e-book (if available) to help them answer questions, and they can see the solution for each question after they complete it or give up.

The multi-take setting allows students to take the assessment up to five times. Students will see the solutions for the questions after each take, and the gradebook will record each student’s highest score.

Learn more about assessment grading settings.




Diagnostics are available in Achieve courses for English and General Chemistry.

Students start by taking a practice test, which identifies topics for additional growth. Students then receive personalized study plans that provide instructional resources that target their identified growth areas. 

Grades for study plan assignments are based on how much of the study plan a student completes by the assigned due date or the end of the term. You can view Diagnostics results by class, topic, or by individual student. 

Learn more about Diagnostics.


iClicker Study Tools


Included with most Achieve courses, iClicker creates study resources for your students as you engage them with in-class activities. Study Tools are automatically available in the iClicker student mobile or web app; all you have to do is use iClicker’s setting to share polling images with your classes.  

Students can bookmark polling questions you’ve already asked in class to create interactive flashcards and practice tests. Although you won’t be able to view or grade Study Tools results, this level of privacy for students helps them feel comfortable quizzing themselves as many times as they wish. 

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