Hear from a Peer: Erika Martinez talks Achieve

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Macmillan Employee
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Erica Martinez, a professor of Economics at the University of South Florida, is a big fan of Achieve, a tool developed by Macmillan Learning. Between teaching on three different campuses, she finds the features of Achieve to be lifesavers for both setting up her courses and enhancing student learning. The platform’s Learning Curve tool is one of her favorites— it helps students get a good handle on new topics and encourages consistent studying with additional exercises that don't impact the students' grades. Achieve also offers a variety of assignment types, which not only help with pre-class preparation and post-class assessments, but also support in-class problem-solving activities with iClicker. In addition to all this, Achieve seamlessly integrates with Erica's existing teaching materials. The Macmillan support team has always been super responsive, too. 

But Achieve isn't just about making life easier for instructors. It also enriches the digital learning environment for students with its wealth of resources, including an e-book and a wide array of assignments and study tools. To hear all about Erika’s experience with Achieve, watch her full testimonial below!