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Getting with your IOLab is easy - the following videos will take you through the steps

See also the iOLab YouTube Channel

Step 1. If your device is not brand new you can skip this step. If you just bought your device, this will help you figure out whats in the box and what to do with the red felt pads in the accessory kit. (video). Note: New devices come with a little plastic battery saver protruding through the battery door on the back of the device - you should remove and discard this.

Step 2. If you are using a Windows based computer then you need to do a small driver installation before plugging in the dongle and running the IOLab application (video). Alternatively you can click on the Driver (Windows) link located at the top right of this web page. If you are using a Mac you can skip this and go straight to Step 3b.

Step 3a. This will show you how to get and run the Windows application (video).

Step 3b. This will show you how to get and run the Mac application (video).

Step 4. This will show you how to run and calibrate your IOLab system. The calibration values are stored on your computer, so this procedure needs to be done on each computer that you use the device with (video).

Step 5. This will show you how to analyze at your data and how to recall data from previous acquisitions (video).

Step 6. Some classes may use this feature and other may not - check with your instructor. This will show you how to share your data using the IOLab cloud repository (powered by Azure). The first time you access this the system will ask you to create an account (video). You can access data shared to the cloud repository using any web browser by going to

Please email me if you have any questions:

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