Embracing AI and the Future of Education

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Welcome to "Try This!", a weekly blog series where we dive into the ever-evolving world of generative AI and share valuable insights and practical teaching ideas. Discover how educators are leveraging AI, gain fresh perspectives, and explore innovative approaches to education that you can try out yourself.

This week we’ve rounded up five resources to share with you about Embracing AI and the Future of Education. Below, you'll find 

  1. An article on the increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the education sector, highlighting the top 10 AI tools that are reshaping teaching and learning methods in 2024. 
  2. An opinion piece from Stanford University on the evolving world of generative AI tools and their implications for teaching and learning, encouraging thoughtful engagement for educators navigating AI in education.
  3. An article from EducationWeek exploring AI tools educators are using, beyond ChatGPT, and how they are transforming the teaching landscape.
  4. A curated list of the 15 best AI tools for education on the market, each evaluated based on criteria including user-friendliness, features, integration capabilities, and more.
  5. An article exploring the potential of AI in enhancing learning and presents 43 examples showcasing its applications in education.

Check them out and let us know what you think about Embracing AI and the Future of Education in the comments below the post. 

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