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As you may know, our student response system, iClicker, is included with some Achieve courses at no additional cost. What you may not know is that iClicker can be used to change the conversation in your classroom. Rather than hearing from just the handful of eager students sitting in the front row, iClicker empowers every single student in the class to participate. 

iClicker offers you a variety of ways to interact with your students. You can use a simple fill in the black to do a concept check before lecture. Multiple choice questions offer the opportunity for think, pair, share activities, where students answer on their own, then discuss results with their classmates, and respond again to reflect what they’ve learnedLearn how to use from each other. Anonymous questions allow for candid classroom dialogues without fear of judgment. These questions types and many more make it easier for you as an instructor to quickly evaluate student understanding, spark discussion, and engage the class as a whole. 

iClicker also makes it easier for your students to take an active role--students report that they are more confident participating in class and that the anonymity of iClicker makes them more likely to participate. Our Learning Science studies have shown that male and female students engage equally in iClicker activities. iClicker helps to shift the classroom conversation to include everyone, whether you are teaching in a huge lecture hall, an intimate symposium, or completely online. 

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