But What Do I Do with the Insights Data?

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In Achieve, you can see all sorts of data about your students, which is great--except when you are overwhelmed by data. Here is one brief example of what you could do with information gleaned about your students from our research team here at Macmillan:

After viewing Achieve Insights for your course or students, here are some ways you can leverage strengths-based approaches to share feedback with students: 

  • Help students identify talents or tasks performed exceptionally well (1).
  • Prompt students to consciously think about how to maximize performance in these areas of talent (1).
  • Encourage students to engage in more adaptive thinking around their performance by asking them to reflect on a time when they were successful; What strengths or talents did they use during that time? How did they use their strengths during that time (2)?
  • Focus student attention on resources available to them and their preferred future outcomes, rather than past histories or problems (3).
  • Promote healthy self-acceptance and internalization of the fact that everyone is fallible, nobody’s perfect.  



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