At Macmillan, Student Engagement is Personal

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Student engagement isn't just a buzz phrase or hot topic of the moment. It's something that we — as educators, students, and life-long learners — all have a great deal of experience with both as practitioners of new engagement ideas from the front of the classroom and as beneficiaries of well-executed strategies as learners ourselves (and maybe some not so well-executed ones!).

But why does student engagement really matter? What influence does it have on the connection between students and course content? Our senior leadership team and product designers don't just consider student engagement as we create products, we're passionate about the way we engage students. Listen to Macmillan Learning CEO Susan Winslow and Executive Director of Product, Ryan Moore, share their first-hand experiences with meaningful student engagement and the ways in which those experiences have impacted the work we do at Macmillan Learning.

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Hear from Susan Winslow, CEO, talk about what student engagement has meant to her and why creating engaging experiences is so important to the work we do at Macmillan Learning.

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Listen to Ryan Moore, Executive Director of Product, talk about his experience creating an engaging course for students and how he brings that knowledge to his work every day at Macmillan Learning.