Analyzing Student Performance with AI

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Welcome to "Try This!", a weekly blog series where we dive into the ever-evolving world of generative AI and share valuable insights and practical teaching ideas. Discover how educators are leveraging AI, gain fresh perspectives, and explore innovative approaches to education that you can try out yourself.

This week we’ve rounded up four resources to share with you about Analyzing Student Performance with AI. Below, you'll find 

  1. A researched approach to using machine learning algorithms to monitor and support student performance throughout the course, as well as identifying key factors that impact final outcomes.
  2. An article exploring AI applications in the classroom, like digital attendance, intelligent scheduling, real-time grading, feedback, and predictive analysis for student performance and the crucial role educators play in this AI era.
  3. A LinkedIn article highlighting how the incorporation of AI in attendance systems enables real-time insights into student behaviors, improves accuracy, and detects unusual patterns. 
  4. An article on computer vision's use in developing an automated attendance solution for smart classrooms, with a focus on facial recognition.

Check them out and let us know what you think about Analyzing Student Performance with AI in the comments below the post.

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