AI: Frequently asked questions

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Welcome to "Try This!", a weekly blog series where we'll dive into the ever-evolving world of generative AI and share valuable insights and even some practical teaching ideas. Discover how educators are leveraging AI, gain fresh perspectives, and explore innovative approaches to education that you can try out yourself.

This week we’ve rounded up five resources to share with you on the topic of AI: Frequently asked questions. You’ll find a webinar with instructors discussing how they are changing the way they teach and assess with the help of AI, a blog post looking at the top 10 FAQs for teachers using AI in the classroom, a video that explains how different types of AI work, a blog post with stories of how real educators are using ChatGPT with their students, and an article outlining how administrators can get their schools “AI-ready”. Check them out and let us know what you think in the comments below the post.

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