Achieve Super-User Spotlight on The Value of Education

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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We asked some of our super users how Achieve and iClicker helped them demonstrate the value of education to their students. Here’s what they had to say:

affordablesolutions-students.jpg“I am constantly leveraging learning objects including videos, simulations, and demonstrations to bring psychological science concepts to life for my students. Via these tools, I am able to demonstrate the value and the relevance of these Intro Psych concepts for my students' everyday lives. Students leave with an appreciation for how numerous course concepts are manifested in their lives on a daily basis.” Mark Laumakis, San Diego State University

“Macmillan tools help me create a blended learning classroom where I can focus on honest discussions, emphasize how the material connects to their lived experiences, and provide meaningful assignments targeting technology-mediated competencies.” Matthew Ingram, Dakota State University

“Indirectly, the engaging materials display the joy of learning. It's not a statement, but an experience that students have when interacting with the materials.” Jillene Seiver, Eastern Washington University

“The Case Studies and How Do You Know boxes in the text provide a launching point for a discussion of how real scientists do their work. By working through these cases or experiments, students gain confidence in their ability to address scientific questions, design experiments to answer questions and participate as "real scientists". These tools allow students to gain confidence that this class and content is preparing them for a career in science.” Candace Timpte, Georgia Gwinnett College

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