Achieve Release 8.0 December 2021

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Macmillan Employee
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What’s New? We have a few new features that just released that will be, we hope, inordinately helpful for your 2022 classes.  You can learn more in our Community. 


The instructor can pick the day of the week that the assignment view begins for all of their students in that class.



Achieve will remember the last My Course view any user was on and show that view when you return to My Course.


Instructors will be able to delete their unwanted custom assessment grade settings policies.



Instructors will have new options to control solution visibility.



Password protected assessments are now available.



Learning Objectives will now be visible to instructors when building or editing their assessments, as well as when reviewing students' responses. (Not in Essentials or Read & Practice courses)




Goal Setting and Reflection Responses will now be automated and available in the Reports / Insights tab.



A simple calendar view is available now with enhancements expected throughout the spring. 





What came out earlier this fall? 

Multi-take Assessments (as a new option as a Grade Settings Policy) allow students to take an assessment up to five times and keep the highest score. 

Group Exceptions allow you to create a group of students to use for exceptions (like time extensions) repeatedly. 

Course Start and End Time and Institution Name are part of the Course Details and give you the power over exactly when your course starts and ends, and what students see about your course. becky_anderson_1-1637178912852.png




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