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Rachel Cheng | Tapping into Theatre's Influential Power

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Rachel Cheng I find my motivation in the growth of my two little sisters as I strive to become the best role model I can be.
I find my motivation in the growth of my two little sisters as I strive to become the best role model I can be.
My Journey to #AchieveMore

I distinctly remember being nine years old and sitting on the edge of my nose-bleed seat, completely entranced by every lyric, line and light of Wicked. I enrolled in voice lessons and soon after, my passion for all things dramatic grew. I soon moved on to middle school where I performed in three middle school productions as leading roles. I felt like -- and had the ego of -- a Broadway star, putting on heavy makeup and smiling until my face hurt; thus, I began to dive deeper into the realm of theatre. Although I didn't start dance classes at the age of two like several actresses, it was in the theater I grew into the person I am today. It was in the theater, I found powerful role models; I found acceptance and like-minded peers. Yet, most importantly I found a community of people unlike any other: a community of artists, singers, actors, dancers and several other subspecies of theatre-folk all trying to change the world. Further into my discovery of theatre, I began to recognize its power. From the musicals that leave audiences cackling and humming memorable tunes as they leave the house, to the shows that leave the audience with silent tears as they digest the plot that just unfolded before them, all stories have a purpose and connection to human life.

This leads me to my two main ambitions in regards to the theatre. One: I want to challenge people's minds. I want to be a part of something that makes people in our fast-paced world stop, take a breath, sit down and ponder. I want to show the world things it has never seen before. Two: I want to have fun doing it. Yes, I love provocative theatre, but the entire point of it is fun. It is fun for the audience to set aside their troubles for a couple hours and sit with others to share an experience. It is fun to build and create and see your work come to life under the stage lights. Theatre is a complicated amalgamation of literature, psychology, music and art, and while it is insanely competitive, exhausting and crazy, I am certain I need to be a part of it.



What Drives You to #AchieveMore?


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