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Maria Love | Mentoring Others so they Can Achieve More

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Maria Love My personal experiences and opportunities I have encountered drive me to #AchieveMore for the betterment of humanity through the advancement of science and medicine.
My personal experiences and opportunities I have encountered drive me to #AchieveMore for the betterment of humanity through the advancement of science and medicine.
My Journey to #AchieveMore

My name is Maria Love. I am a graduate student completing my Master of Science degree in Cellular and Molecular this year. My thesis focuses on HIV-infected older patients on longterm antiretroviral therapy and targeting a specific gene for potential drug therapies. I begin medical school this July as I aspire to be a podiatric surgeon. I want to work for a hospital and a professional sports team, preferably basketball as they have the most home games and I want to have a family. I have a vast number of scientific publications for my age, 4 specifically and will have 6 more before I am 28. I have accomplished this due to my passion for scientific advancement and a hard work ethic, by working full time as both and undergraduate and a graduate student in the laboratory. My personal medical experiences first inspired me to pursue the medical field. Specifically, when my pediatrician discovered an intestinal tumor during a check up and had to have it surgically removed within days. This experience when I was 8 years old tremendously opened my eyes to health care, as there was nobody in my family in the medical field. Once I began immersing myself in opportunities, I developed a passion for scientific research, healing and patient care. The betterment of humanity and the medicine of the future drives me to commit myself to the work that I do. In the future, I hope to be a mentor for those not only that want to pursue medicine, but especially those in underrepresented minorities and immigrants, belonging to those groups myself. I strive to inspire those around me to take control of their lives and that with hard work, smart moves, and perseverance they can do anything they want. Medical school is no easy feat; I realized I had to pursue a graduate degree to make me a stellar candidate. Instead of giving up, I fought hard and now am an even more unique candidate. My passion for medicine and the betterment of humanity drive me in everything that I do.

This scholarship would help ease my fear and doubt of student debt throughout the 4 years of medical school and three years of surgical residency, which will help me put all of my energy, time, and effort to study as hard as I can to achieve my dreams and make the world a better place. The scholarship will help me achieve my education and career goals through funding. As I enter medical school this year, I will take on over $200,000 of student loan debt to pay for my education and achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a physician. As a physician, I will work long hours helping patients physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Thus, this scholarship reward will be used for the betterment of humanity. I have planned to take the least amount of debt possible, for only tuition and fees, exam fees, and loan fees. My husbands income will pay for room and board, transportation, and his work insurance will cover my health insurance. As I went through the student loan counseling recently, I felt fear and doubt about my future student loan debt. This fear and doubt did not stop me from continuing on to medical school, but rather inspired and fueled me to apply for scholarships to help pay for my education, which will impact the world. My motivation and drive are unique, and I am using these qualities to help people, do research to advance health and medicine, and inspire others to work hard and make the world a better place. I am taking the time to apply for this scholarship as I know that if I receive it, it will be put towards one of the best uses.



What Drives You to #AchieveMore?


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