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Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee

If You Write Poems, You Are a Poet (with Poetry Prompt Resources)

This Saturday is your day! That is, Saturday is Poet’s Day, and you are a poet (or you can be). 

From the writing retreat during my study abroad semester in DublinFrom the writing retreat during my study abroad semester in Dublin

I only started calling myself a poet recently, after my college graduation this past spring. I thought that because I had never taken a formal class in college or during my study abroad program that my poems could never be “real” poems. But, the majority of what I wrote in college was poetry. It’s the form I always turn to when I really just need to write. I find it helps me process things in a way that other forms can’t. 

So, I’m saying it now--I am a poet. Maybe you are too. I think the world would be a better place if more people who write poetry self-identify as poets. 

But, sometimes I need a prompt to start. I love prompts, and I hope you do too. The first poetry prompt I can remember doing was in middle school, when we picked calendar images from a pile as inspiration. I still remember the fact that mine had an image of a grizzly bear. 

I hope you consider writing a poem today, and that maybe one of these prompt resources help. Do you use prompts in your classes? Discuss in the comments! 

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