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HBCU 2021 Symposium: Spotlight Sessions

HBCU 2021 SymposiumHBCU 2021 Symposium

We are so excited to share our Spotlight sessions from the Fourth HBCU Symposium on Rhetoric and Composition.

Our focus this year was on Transdisciplinarity @ HBCUs: Rewriting Black Futures beyond the Margin. Transdisciplinarity opens the pathway for conversations beyond what onlookers assume we do (“fix” the grammar of broken writers) towards a nuanced look at the intersections between the meaning we can make with all of the languages and literacies we speak and understand. 

Thursday, September 23

Kickoff and Welcome
Presenters: Dr. Kendra Mitchell, Symposium Chair
Dr. Larry Robinson, FAMU President

Let's kick off the HBCU Symposium together! Listen to Symposium Chair Dr. Kendra Mitchell speak to this year's vision, keynote speakers and sessions, and more. You'll also hear from Florida A&M University's 12th President, Dr. Larry Robinson, and from Dr. Na'Imah Ford, Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages at FAMU.

Panel #1: Through Voice AND Pen: Transdiciplinary and Social Justice in HBCU Speech Education, A Workshop
Presenters: Chandra Clark & Tracee Mason, Florida A&M University

"If We Don't Tell Our Story, Who Will?": A Fireside Chat with Anna Malaika NtiAsare-Tubbs

Presenter: Anna Malaika NtiAsare-Tubbs

In this conversation with Na'Imah Ford of Florida A&M University, Anna will discuss the need for members of communities that have been marginalized to tell our stories from our perspectives and why this is crucial not only for our survival but for the larger disciplines, institutions, and even society that we find ourselves to be a part of.


Writing to Learn in the Content Areas: What should/could the role of first-year writing classes be to non-writing departments?
Presenter: Anna Small Roseboro

Presented as a part of Panel #3: Writing Across the Curriculum at HBCUs


The Transdisciplinary Inclusion of Africana/Black Studies at All Historical Black Colleges and Universities
Presenter: Bomani Spell, Florida A&M University

Presented as a part of Panel #7: Framing Writing Instruction through a Black Worldview in Writing Courses at HBCUs



Friday, September 24

Beyonce’s Homecoming: Using Pop Culture to Teach Transdisciplinary Rhetoric and Writing
Presenter: Kimberly Fain, Texas Southern University

Presented as a part of Panel #8: Using Multimodal Texts to Teach Rhetorical Analysis.


Keynote: "Still Standing: Student Voices, Curation, and HBCU Legacies"
Presenter: Dr. Regina N. Bradley, Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University

This lecture/workshop explores how to fruitfully engage students' voices and experiences to contribute to and expand the long-standing legacy of HBCUs via their writing in composition focused courses.


A Novel Containing a Review of an Innovative Reform of Writing at 13 HBCUs
Presenter: Jon Woodson, Howard University

Presented as a part of Panel #11: Transdisciplinarity Beyond the Classroom


How Composition Studies Prepared Me to be an HBCU Honors Program Director
Presenter: Karen Keaton Jackson, North Carolina Central University

Presented as a part of Panel #11: Transdisciplinarity Beyond the Classroom

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