iClicker Question of the Week #internationalwomensday

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Macmillan Employee
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In celebration of #internationalwomensday, our iclickerqoftheweek‌ highlights a video from the new Marginal Revolution University series on Women in Economics. Check out the newly launched video on Janet Yellen.  "Though she lacked female role models, Janet Yellen remained steadfast in her interest in applying economics to help others--and in the process, became a role model herself of young women all over the world. Chairing the Fed ain't a bad accomplishment, either." These videos feature Test Yourself questions that make great @iclicker questions. Check them out here Janet Yellen Quiz.   Let us know how you use these with your students! 

The quiz asks students to 

  • Identify the roles that Yellen had before she was Fed Chair
  • Who she succeeded as Fed Chair, and
  • Commodity bundling