Around the World in 80 Hours #4: Why we're doing this

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As much fun as it is to globe trot at the pace we are, you may ask yourself, "why are they doing this?"

Aside from being the Worth author with the most tendered McDonald's receipts, one of the most unique things about Eric Chiang​ is his philosophy on travel. Essentially, get in, get out, and try to gain as many impressions of world locales as you can. Why? People around the world are faced with many of the same economic problems and yet they solve them in surprisingly different ways.

The goal of this trip is to explore just how Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, and Dubai solve their economic problems differently. It's essential to try to comprehend these things in order to begin to understand economics in our rapidly changing world. The general experiences, videos, and photos we take on this trip are going to comprise a new and key feature, "Around the World,"  in the upcoming edition of Eric's book, Economics: Principles for a Changing World.

Up next, I'll get in to our exploration of Colombia's economic issues. First though, some photos of Eric indulging his McDonald's craving and sampling some of the local coffee.


Eric Coffee.JPG