WEBINAR: Anxious speakers in class?

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MARCH 29 | 1:00 PM ET

Want insights into your student's level of speech anxiety & Communication apprehension and ways to help students through scholarship/tools?

The Personal Report of Communication Apprehension (PRCA) and the Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety (PRPSA), developed by the late Dr. James C. McCroskey, are both widely accepted instruments for assessing communication anxiety and apprehension. As a graduate student at the University of West Virginia, Dr. Teven worked closely with Dr. McCroskey and has used these instruments--both with his students and also in his life--to help understand and overcome communication anxiety. In this webinar, he will walk you through the history of these instruments, how to use them in your courses, and how to pair them with powerful learning content to support your student's development as confident communicators.


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The PRCA (Personal Report of Communication Apprehension) and PRPSA (Personal Report of Public Speaking Anxiety) are widely used instruments developed by Dr. James C. McCroskey for assessing communication anxiety and apprehension. These tools can provide insights into students' levels of speech anxiety and help identify areas where they may need support. Dr. Teven, who has worked closely with Dr. McCroskey, will guide you through the history and usage of these instruments in your courses. By combining them with relevant learning content, you can effectively support your students' growth and help them become more confident communicators.