Using a Bedford/St. Martin's Reader or Rhetoric with LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers or Writer's Help 2.0? Customize your course with reading quizzes specific to your text!

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In a previous blog post, I talked about the availability of Exercise Central quizzes in all English LaunchPad and LaunchPad Solo products published after summer 2016. This post covers additional banks of questions available in LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers and Writer's Help 2.0.

Beginning fall 2016, we began publishing banks of reading comprehension quizzes for a number of Bedford/St. Martin's reader or rhetoric titles. These banks are available in LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers or Writer's Help 2.0, allowing instructors who package one of these products with a reader or rhetoric to access quizzes specific to their textbook. You can add these quizzes to your LaunchPad Solo for Reader and Writers or Writer's Help 2.0 course in order to:

  • Integrate content from your reader or rhetoric into your digital product, creating a useful connection between text and technology.
  • Create additional opportunities to assess students' reading comprehension as you plan follow-up assignments and class discussion.
  • Help students understand where they may be struggling with reading material assigned in the course.

Reading quizzes are already available for the following titles:

Axelrod, Reading Critically, Writing Well 11e
Barnet, Current Issues and Enduring Questions 11e
Cohen, 50 Essays 5e
Eschholz, Subject and Strategy 14e
Kennedy, The Bedford Guide for College Writers 11e
Kennedy, The Bedford Reader 13e
Kirszner, Practical Argument 3e
Palmquist, Joining the Conversation 3e

The following titles will have reading quizzes available when they are published this fall:

Axelrod, The Concise St. Martin's Guide to Writing 8e

Braziller, The Bedford Book of Genres 2e

Greene, From Inquiry to Academic Writing 4e

Kirszner, Patterns for College Writing 14e

Maasik, Signs of Life in the USA 9e

McWhorter, Successful College Writing 7e

McQuade, The Writer's Presence 9e

Rosa, Models for Writers 13e

Here are the steps to find and add these quizzes to your course:

1. Add a quiz from the LaunchPad course home.

Add a new quiz in LaunchPad

2. Give your quiz a title.

Add a title to your quiz

3. Use the filter Reading Comprehension Quiz to search questions for this reading.

Find the Reading Comprehension Quizzes filter

4. Search for the reading you want and select "Apply Filter" to see the questions.

Filter the questions to find what you want.

4. Add the questions for this reading to your quiz.

Add questions to your quiz

5. Adjust the assignment settings for the quiz, add a due date, and assign your quiz!Assign your quiz
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