The Hyphen Today

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Used to be used to divide words at the end of sentences, but word processors take care of that for us now. So how is the hyphen used today? Have students review the material in the handbook on this punctuation mark and then have them bring in examples from outside the classroom that demonstrate correct or incorrect uses of the hyphen. As part of this discussion, ask students to consider the dash as well. What’s the difference between the two? When might they use either in their writing?
About the Author
Barclay Barrios is an Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing Programs at Florida Atlantic University, where he teaches freshman composition and graduate courses in composition methodology and theory, rhetorics of the world wide web, and composing digital identities. He was Director of Instructional Technology at Rutgers University and currently serves on the board of Pedagogy. Barrios is a frequent presenter at professional conferences, and the author of Emerging.