"Teaching Toward 21st Century Literacies" presented by Amy Braziller and Elizabeth Kleinfeld

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Amy Braziller


Elizabeth Kleinfeld


Amy Braziller (Red Rocks Community College) and Liz Kleinfeld (Metropolitan State University of Denver) are the authors of The Bedford Book of Genres. In this webinar, Amy and Liz will debunk the assumptions surrounding teaching with genres and share examples of writing from their own students. Learn more about how teaching with multigenre and multimodalties increases student engagement, helps students compose in real life/rhetorical situations, gives students flexibility in their writing choices, and encourages students to complete more in-depth research. Learn how Amy and Liz’s own interests in rhetorical theory, 21st century literacies, and teaching genres helped shape The Bedford Book of Genres. Receive teaching tips on how to incorporate the strategies suggested in the text into your classroom.


Amy Braziller is an English faculty member and former department chair at Red Rocks Community College. She received her B.A. from Empire State College and her M.A. from New York University. Amy has presented on teaching writing and new media at numerous national and regional conferences. Her research focuses on the intersections between classroom and personal writing. Amy, who is at work on a series of personal essays related to her punk rock days in NYC, blogs about food, film, music, GLBT issues, and social media distractions at amybraziller.com.  She is co-author (with Elizabeth Kleinfeld) of The Bedford Book of Genres.

Elizabeth Kleinfeld is the Writing Center Director and an Associate Professor of English at Metropolitan State College of Denver. She received her B.S. from Bradley University, and her M.S. in English and Ph.D. in Composition and Rhetoric from Illinois State University. Liz is a contributing researcher on The Citation Project and has published essays on new media, writing centers, and student source use in various journals and collections, including Computers & Composition Online. She is co-PI on a grant to develop a program on academic literacy for at-risk students, particularly migrants. Her current research focuses on how writing centers can intervene in students’ research processes. Liz is co-author (with Amy Braziller) of The Bedford Book of Genres.