"Integrating Writer's Help into a First Year Classroom Four Methods" presented by Lonni Pearce

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Lonni Pearce


How do you help students to help themselves develop as writers? Consider the ways that today's students search for and access information--online, through dynamic searches. Writer's Help meets students where they are by offering accurate and useful information through dynamic search capabilities, as well as through model papers and writing exercises. But how can teachers best introduce students to Writer's Help and use it as a helpful pedagogical strategy for teaching writing?

In this webinar, we'll explore four methods for effectively integrating Writer's Help into a first-year writing class. We'll look at ways to encourage students to seek out information that they need independently, as well as activities for in-class workshops. For new Writer's Help users, the webinar will offer ideas for choosing one of the four methods to try and then will suggest some paths for integrating Writer's Help more fully. Our goal will be to consider which methods might work best in different classroom contexts.