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ISO Rhetorical Analysis Essay Prompts

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Hello hive mind!

I'm returning to the classroom after a brief hiatus, and am teaching Freshman Composition with Everything's an Argument 8e. I'm looking for any samples you'd be willing to share of essay prompts, specifically rhetorical analysis. I think I've written a pretty good assignment prompt, but I'd love to see what others--who may or may not use EaA--have for this. I appreciate any samples, and wisdom, you're willing to share!



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Hi, Sarah,

I start off the semester having the students write an essay in which they argue for their own definition of a concept. We about terms that are in dispute:

or that need to be distinguished from one another, e.g., refugee/migrant

I often have t hem read the first chapter of bell hooks' All about Love. It is an extended definition of love that employs most of the rhetorical strategies for defining a term.

I explain to students that in any paper they write they will need to make sure that the reader understands the meaning they have assigned to a particular word, whether that choice is based on specialized use in a particular field, personal experience, or effort to redefine the term in order to bring about change.

This really highlights that everything is an argument.

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