Equity in the First-Year Writing Classroom and Beyond

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The following webinar was presented as part of Bedford’s 5th Annual WPA/Writing Director Workshop.  This year’s theme was Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in First-Year Composition.  The workshops focused on best practices for incorporating diverse, equitable, and inclusive practices into your course.  Learn more about the overall event. 

Steve Schessler

English Department Chair and Instructor, Cabrillo College

Dr. Steve Schessler received his Ph.D in English from Emory University and then an M.A. in Education: Instructional Technology from San Francisco State University. He is an experienced English Composition instructor and current department chair with more than fourteen years teaching English, nine of those at Cabrillo College. He uses Achieve to teach a college composition class contextualized for STEM majors. Dr. Schessler divides his time between duties as chair, instructor, and faculty co-lead for Guided Pathways, a statewide initiative focused on equity and access.



As part of Bedford’s equity-focused Fall 2021 WPA / Writing Director Workshop, I discussed challenges for equity and access in intro composition classes from my perspective as an instructor at a federally-designated Hispanic Serving Institute and a researcher of improving equity in the online classroom - with lessons applicable to the face-to-face classroom, too.

In this workshop, we looked at some of the current challenges for advancing equitable outcomes in my classroom as well as those of participants. You can review your own program policies and classroom practices through an equity lens and join in our conversation about ways to improve the student experience - and results.

Watch the Webinar: