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English Community: List of Common Tags

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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For questions about tags for Bits, or to add to this list, please contact Leah Rang

Tags with a * indicate a WPA Outcomes concept

English CommunityBedford BitsLitBits
2-year college‌ 2-year college‌2-year college‌
assessment (used in reference to evaluating student work)assessment (used in reference to evaluating student workassessment (used in reference to evaluating student work)
assignment instructions (used to tag a document of instructions, such as an assignment handout; often linked to within a postassignment instructions (used to tag a document of instructions, such as an assignment handout; often linked to within a post)assignnment instructions (used to tag a document of instructions, such as an assignment handout; often linked within a post
basic writingbasic writing‌basic writing
Bedford BitsBedford BitsBedford Bits
book review book review‌book review
classroom activityclassroom activityclassroom activity
classroom management classroom management‌classroom management
composing processescomposing processes‌composing processes
course and program designcourse and program designcourse and program design
critical thinkingcritical thinkingcritical thinking
current eventscurrent events‌current events
digital composingdigital composingdigital composing
draftingdrafting‌ drafting
esl eslesl 
ellell ell
genre genre genre
grammar and style grammar and stylegrammar and style
guest bloggersguest bloggersguest bloggers
handbooks‌ handbooks‌ handbooks‌ 
high schoolhigh schoolhigh school
independent learning Learningindependent learning Learningindependent learning Learning
instructor resourcesinstructor resourcesinstructor resources
learning styles‌ learning styles‌ learning styles‌ 
literature‌ literature‌literature‌ 
multimodal mondaysmultimodal mondaysmultimodal mondays
online education‌ online education‌

online education‌

multilingual writersmultilingual writersmultilingual writers
peer review‌peer review‌peer review‌ 
plagiarism‌ plagiarism‌plagiarism‌
portfoliosportfolios‌ portfolios
professional developmentprofessional developmentprofessional development
professional conferencesprofessional conferencesprofessional conferences
punctuation and mechanics‌ punctuation and mechanics‌punctuation and mechanics‌
reflection‌reflection‌ reflection‌
research and citatonresearch and citatonresearch and citaton
revision‌revision‌ revision‌ 
rhetorical knowledge‌ rhetorical knowledge‌rhetorical knowledge‌
social justice‌social justice‌social justice‌
social mediasocial media‌social media
suggested reading suggested reading‌suggested reading‌
teaching adviceteaching adviceteaching advice
teaching with technology‌teaching with technology‌teaching with technology‌
technical and professional writing‌ technical and professional writing‌

technical and professional writing‌

threshold concept‌ threshold concept‌threshold concept‌ 


visual literacy‌ visual literacy‌visual literacy‌
wid wid‌wid‌
working with sources‌ working with sources‌working with sources‌ 
writing across the curriculum‌writing across the curriculum‌
writing across the curriculum‌
writing center‌ writing center‌writing center‌ 
writing in the disciplines‌writing in the disciplines‌writing in the disciplines‌
writing process‌ writing process‌writing process‌ 
About the Author
I am a development editor for English, focusing on readers and literature titles. I graduated with degrees in English from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville (M.A.) and the University of Mississippi (B.A.). Before landing at Bedford/St. Martin's, I taught as a part-time lecturer, adjunct, and writing center tutor at UT-Knoxville, Pellissippi State Community College, and Roane State Community College.