Assignment Worksheet

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This post is part of a continuing series on building a course around the textbook Emerging. For previous posts in the series on assignments, see here and here. One way to conceive your assignments is to ask yourself a series of questions:
  1. What are the issues of the previous essay?
  2. What are the issues of the current essay?
  3. What are the issues of the next essay?
  4. What are the terms and concepts available?
  5. What are the problems to be worked?
  6. What are the challenges for this assignment?
  7. What is the goal?
Do you find these questions useful? Are there others you can think of? Leave them in the comments!
About the Author
Barclay Barrios is an Associate Professor of English and Director of Writing Programs at Florida Atlantic University, where he teaches freshman composition and graduate courses in composition methodology and theory, rhetorics of the world wide web, and composing digital identities. He was Director of Instructional Technology at Rutgers University and currently serves on the board of Pedagogy. Barrios is a frequent presenter at professional conferences, and the author of Emerging.