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Some people wait their whole lives to find the Perfect Best Friend.

Life is cruel, but it can also be beautiful. The key is to change your perspective and approach towards it. See the positives rather than the negatives and fight for them. Yes, you will falter, but you are more capable of enduring than you think. So take heart and march on till one day, twenty or so years from now, you'll be sitting at that same rooftop you came to rest. Smiling at the bruises that have dried up and transformed into scars that will remind you of how you led life through hardship and stood tall beneath the stars. Make Xayley Rose's My Other Half your companion through life, relating to nuances and narratives that will leave you craving for more! Click on the link to buy now.

She knew she’d be best friends with Aiden Cunningham the moment she set eyes on him. But staying friends through school is easy A Lifelong Friend

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