Sandra Gilliland


Sandra Gilliland

Department: Psychology (Behavioral and Social Sciences)

School: Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LA)

Product: LaunchPad for Exploring Psychology, 10e (Myers) and LaunchPad for Abnormal Psychology, 9e (Comer)

How do you use LaunchPad? Currently I use LaunchPad in both my online Introduction to Psychology class as well as my traditional class. In my online class, LaunchPad is a primary component in the class. Students are able to access their notes and required discussions in LaunchPad. In addition, I require students to take the LearningCurve activity for each section of material we are covering and use the summative quizzes to prepare for exam. Additionally, I am using LaunchPad to administer all of the exams in my online class. Creating exams in LaunchPad is EASY and effective! LaunchPad utilizes robust question banks that allow me to ensure that students are not receiving the same questions.

In my traditional classroom I am using LaunchPad as a supplement to my lectures. I require students to complete the LearningCurve activities the day before I start lecturing on that chapter. This ensures students come prepared for class discussions. In addition, before the exam I require the students to take the summative quizzes to ensure they are preparing for the exam.

Advice on using technology with students: If you have never used these types of products before, try starting off by only requiring a few items and getting student feedback. As your comfort with the product grows, you will find the best ways to support your existing curriculum and teaching style!

LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within Moodle

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