"The 75 Year Struggle for Women's Enfranchisement" Podcast Episode with Ellen Carol Dubois

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Today we'd like to highlight the appearance of Ellen Carol Dubois--the illustrious co-author of "Through Women's Eyes"--on the Against the Grain podcast. Her riveting episode dissects the tumultuous, multigenerational journey towards achieving women's suffrage.

Dubois analyzes the setback-laden movement's roots, various revivals, and divisions with her typical nuance and aplomb. The episode, "The 75 Year Struggle for Women's Enfranchisement," is available at the following link: https://kpfa.org/episode/against-the-grain-april-4-2023/ 

Have a listen and comment below your thoughts on the episode, and what you learned about the decades long journey towards women's enfranchisement.