Webinar: Deepen Student Learning and Engagement in Your AP® English

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This school year—and our world—looks quite different than ever before. From an upcoming, future-shaping election, to youth-led climate change protests, dynamic social justice movements, and virtual learning as the norm, the 'new normal' that can challenge student attention. However, these realities also offer opportunities to introduce relevant content in your AP English course in ways that encourage students to develop the skills necessary to read and write at the college level. In this webinar, BFW English authors Robin Aufses, Megan Pankiewicz, Larry Scanlon and Renee Shea will present strategies, multi-media content and structured curricular tools to guide teachers in using 'elephants in the room' to engage students in deeper learning. Webinar attendees will:

  • discuss key current events that may present challenges to student engagement and lesson-planning in the current educational landscape
  • explore specific strategies for using current events content to engage students in meaningful ways around themes of Social Justice, Sports, Environment and Community
  • review a classroom-ready instructional approach (e.g., graphic organizer, analytical framework) for each of the strategies shared
  • examine the features of an expertly-constructed AP Language program that provides ready-to-implement tools for engaging students, while also providing flexibility in lesson planning