Webinar: American Literature & Rhetoric: Engaging with the Past, Framing the Present

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When Faulkner stated, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” he could have been providing a preview into the inflection point today’s students face. Whether through remote learning or in-person classes in 2021, this generation of students will need to be prepared to address critical social, economic, and cultural issues, as well as define their role as active citizens who shape them. In this webinar, BFW English authors Renée Shea, Robin Aufses, Kate Cordes, and Larry Scanlon will discuss how American Literature & Rhetoric offers opportunities to engage with the past in order to frame—and more deeply understand—the present. In particular, attendees will be introduced to how American Literature & Rhetoric’s underlying philosophy, structure, themes, features, and chosen texts guide this study of America’s key writers and thinkers.

American Literature and Rhetoric 

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