A Perfect Match -- Ideas for AP® English Courses

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Ideas in Argument and Ideas in Literature offer a perfect match to the CED Framework for AP® Lang and AP® Lit.
If you're putting together an AP® English course that will hit all the Big Ideas and Enduring Understandings as well as a well-scaffolded approach to Skills -- these are the textbooks for you and your students.

But how do they work together as companion volumes? If your school or district offers both AP® English courses, you might like to see how the Ideas books complement each other. Perhaps you're sharing the English courses with colleagues and want to coordinate efforts!

We've created an infographic that will give you all the details you need, at a quick glance, plus you can order examination copies of either or both books!

Ideas in Argument and Ideas in Literature -- a perfect match to both the CED Framework and to each other!

Check it out here: https://go.macmillanlearning.com/rs/122-CFG-317/images/bfw-ideas-perfect-match-infographic.pdf?versi...