On-Demand Webinar: Triangulated Teaching and Learning

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Join us for this introduction to Triangulated Teaching and Learning with Dr. David Anderson, co-author of Krugman's Economics for the AP® Course. Discover how providing students with multiple mediums of concept presentations can improve your teaching strategies. Triangulated teaching and learning also supports differentiation, which is more important than ever during this abrupt shift to online learning.

Krugman's Economics for the AP® Course 


About David Anderson

David Anderson is the Paul G. Blazer Professor of Economics at Centre College. He has been involved in the AP® Economics programs for more than two decades. For five years he led the grading of one or both of the AP® Economics exams, and he speaks regularly at AP® conferences and workshops. He has authored dozens of scholarly articles and 15 books, including Krugman's Economics for the AP® Course. Anderson loves teaching introductory economics and has won awards for excellence and innovation in the classroom.