On-Demand Webinar: Beginner's Guide to Online Teaching

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Macmillan Employee
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In this 40-minute webinar, high school teacher and tech entrepreneur Brad Wray will offer resources and tips to getting your course online in a jiffy. All it takes is a first step. Already have your class online? We bet you can find new resources here too!


About Brad Wray

Brad Wray is a teacher of Psychology, U.S. History, and Computer Science who has been teaching since 2008 in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County Maryland. He has been a district instructional technology specialist as well as a school based tech liaison. He has served as a reader for the AP® Psychology exam and served on the Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS) Executive Board. In 2017, Brad co-chaired a Technology working group at the APA Summit on High School Psychology Education. His uses of technology in the classroom include developing the vocabulary learning app Xamplr, fluency with multiple LMSs and creating many YouTube videos which leverage his musical abilities to communicate vital psychology concepts. His psychology teaching videos have been featured on the Freakonomics blog and Scientific American.