How to Request Interim Access to Student Textbook Content and Teacher Resources

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Macmillan Employee
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To our Valued Customers:

While our Customer Experience team is working through the queue of support requests, here are two important resources that may be helpful in the interim:

Course content for students: Please complete this brief form for you and your students to receive interim access to your adopted BFW title(s). Given the complexity of most cases, our team is currently fulfilling requests to offer access to several chapters of textbook content to support classrooms until their regular service is restored. Requests submitted through the above form will be responded to within 24-hours, M-F, and within 48 hours for requests submitted over the weekend. 

Teacher resource materials: Security of teacher resources (including answer keys) is a priority. Therefore, the most secure, efficient way to access teacher resources is via our LaunchPad and SaplingPlus learning platforms.

Already have access? Look here in LaunchPad or here in SaplingPlus for how to access your complete teacher resources.

If you do not already have access to these LaunchPad or SaplingPlus, please tell us what product you require.

We know that awaiting the resolution of your support case is frustrating, and we sincerely apologize. Please know that each support case is being handled as quickly as possible. While we have additional Customer Experience professionals on board to help work through the queue, multiple submissions of the same issue create duplicate cases that further slow the resolution process and timeline. We hope that the above short-term solutions are helpful while your case is being resolved. 


Phoenix Harvey

Director or Marketing, BFW High School Publishers

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