Thank you and update on next session


Dear Lang Gang (for that seems to be our new name),

It was such a pleasure to meet you all last night. Call it confirmation bias, but I always have high expectations for groups of AP English teachers and this group exceeded them! Warm, congenial, engaged, you exemplified civil discourse. It's no accident that we're always picked for the jury first when we report for jury duty. Who wouldn't expect fair minded good listeners with advanced critical thinking skills to come to the right verdict? 

We're already looking forward to the next session (I think last night's will be a hard act to follow; maybe I should invite Jordan and Chris back) which will be a little more geared toward the AP exam and academic practice. The slide last night showed the wrong title for the next session. Mid-January's sessions are "Using Sources Effectively in the Synthesis Essay: Meta Analysis and Meta Commentary." I'm sure we have plenty to share and learn from each other. If you have requests or suggestions, please post them here, but I know how tapped out you all are, so feel free to leave it in our hands. We'll be ready for you.

Joys of the holiday season to you all. Take care of yourselves over the break, and if you're looking for a good read (and you're not squeamish) I recommend The Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue. It's a page turner about a maternity ward in Dublin during the 1918 flu epidemic. She really knows how to tell a story!


Robin Aufses

ps-Phoenix and the other authors will be posting links to the resources that came up last night. Thanks so much for all of your great suggestions!

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