Media Matters: Analysis of Visual Images (Magazine Covers)


Hi Lang Gang,

I've decided to start a thread here on "Media Matters," not exactly the most original title, but it gives us a place to share ideas about of-the-moment issues and non-print texts.

I'm attaching a feature that The Economist magazine offers weekly: how they develop their covers. It's such a great study in audience, and maybe would have an appeal to students who aren't fully engaged with plain ol' print. The editor, Zanny Minton Beddoes, does the commentary, and it's fascinating. In our last session, when we talked about how to use visuals as evidence, I kept thinking about these. Also, since the magazine is a British publication with an international audience, I often find their perspective interesting.

Since The Economist has a pay wall (my husband subscribes, so I reap the benefits), I turned it into a word file to share.

Let me know what you think -- about this file/idea -- as well as "media matters."  See you soon.


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Thank you, Renee - I love this.

This isn't exactly visual text, but have you seen the Anderson Cooper interview with Amanda Gorman? She speaks about her writing process, the research she did to prepare, etc. If you haven't seen it yet - have a look (I think I linked it properly).

Cindy Bannon


Amanda Gorman Interview (Anderson Cooper) 

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