What's New in the 7th Edition of The Practice of Statistics for the AP® Course

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In this video, Daren Starnes, Co-Author of The Practice of Statistics for the AP® Course, 7th Edition, talks about what’s new to this edition, including features and updates, how it aligns with the CED, and more. Explore TPS 7e here

The enhanced seventh edition of Starnes and Tabor’s The Practice of Statistics for the AP® Course closely aligns with the College Board’s latest Course and Exam Description (CED), ensuring that all essential knowledge, objectives, vocabulary, and formulas/tables are included.

We've taken the time to update the examples and exercises, giving them meaningful and engaging contexts that incorporate recent studies and data. Students will be able to connect with the content in a way that feels relevant and interesting.

TPS 7e also introduces a new exercise category called "For investigation," which specifically focuses on preparing students for the Investigative Task. This addition will help students develop the skills they need for success.

In addition, we're proud to offer Achieve, a comprehensive e-book and Online Homework resource designed specifically for this edition. With approximately 2000 questions, including all recommended assignments from the Teacher's Edition, students will have ample opportunity to practice and learn. Plus, with guided feedback on incorrect answers, students can continue to learn from their mistakes.

For teachers, we've fully updated the teacher resources suite to match the seventh edition. The new Teacher's Edition, written by AP® Statistics teacher and AP® table leader, Doug Tyson, provides invaluable support. With the new cloud-based Test Bank platform (optimized for both PC and Mac), featuring hundreds of additional problems, teachers can easily find and assign extra practice or assessment material.

With all these updates and improvements, we are confident that this new edition will meet the needs of both students and teachers. It's time to dive in and excel in AP® Statistics!

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