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Suggestions for after the exam

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Here are a few suggestions for activities to do after the exam:

1. Review the SAQ, LEQ, and DBQ questions with the students. Highlight the specific historical information needed in each response. Ask the students for synthesis for the LEQ and DBQ. Use the rubrics to go through the essays.

2. Watch any movies that you were unable to watch during the year and generate historical discussion about facts vs. Hollywood

3. Have the students do a project. Now that they have studied American History, what is their favorite time period, topic , etc. and create a visual with a paper , and present to the class.

4. Go back and go into depth more on topics you wish to cover - wars, your area's local history, etc.

5. Refresh your students on when the scores will be available. Also encourage your students to take the SAT II test in American History. Colleges like to see subject area tests on transcripts.

Sue Reeder