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NCTE 2017 Recap

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It’s been about a month since we saw you at the annual National Council of Teachers of English conference in St. Louis, Missouri, and we’re already counting the days until NCTE 2018!

In the meantime, check out some of this years NCTE highlights!

BFW kicked off NCTE by sponsoring the Secondary Session Get-Together. The session briefly workshopped how to discuss difficult topics in the classroom and then broke off for the main speaker. Lois Lowry was scheduled to speak, but there was a last minute change and Laurie Halse Anderson stepped in. She gave an amazing lecture on her best seller Speak and what the book means to students, how to talk about it, and why it’s important to discuss uncomfortable subjects with students.


Over 200 teachers stopped by the BFW booth to check out our newest books! With our brand new 9th grade Pre-AP® English text Foundations of Language & Literature publishing early 2018 and a forthcoming updated third edition of The Language of Composition containing approximately 40% new content, we proudly revealed our complete Pre-AP® to AP® English program covering grades nine to twelve.

If you missed the chance to sample our ELA materials, feel free to reach out to your sales representative. We’re more than happy to help you advance your course!

ELA Program full.PNG

Did you get a chance to meet one of the BFW English authors? Authors, English extraordinaires, and AP® experts John Golden, Tracy Scholz, Larry Scanlon, and Megan Pankiewicz stopped by the booth throughout the conference and led helpful and engaging sessions on Friday, November 17. They talked about how to tackle the threat of fake news in the classroom and how to utilize appropriate sources. John and Tracy helped teachers use nonfiction to support the study of literary texts, and Larry analyzed some of his favorite poems in-depth with a hundred teachers. John also discussed how to utilize documentary film to teach contemporary social justice issues.

If you’re interested in the materials for the listed NCTE sessions, email and let us know which session materials you’d like to receive.

Session TitleDescriptionLeaders
Strategies for Teaching the Real Threat of Fake NewsParticipants received ideas for teaching students to understand the concept of fake news. We analyzed texts to determine “red flags,” supply writing prompts to generate discussion, and share materials and resources for discussing the role of the 4th estate and social media in American politics.

John Golden

Megan Pankiewicz

Larry Scanlon

The Fiction of Real Life: Using Nonfiction to Support the Study of Literary TextsToo often in the secondary English classroom, we segregate our text types into separate units or we focus on a single work, missing out on opportunities for discovery across modes. This session presented a model unit that uses multiple text types to sustain student engagement.

John Golden

Tracy Scholz

The Joy of Poetry: From Creativity to AnalysisThis session brought joy to the teaching of poetry. It’s for English teachers who wish they taught more poetry, for those who admit they don’t teach it, and for those who teach it and love it and are ready for some new ideas.Larry Scanlon
Reading the World Around Us: Using Documentary Film to Teach Contemporary Social Justice Issues

In this interactive session, we explored ways to teach the critical viewing skills students should employ when looking at documentary film. Specifically, we saw how recent documentary films, such as 13th, Baltimore Rising, and True Believers, examined important issues like criminal justice reform, social protests, and our current political landscape.

John Golden

Not to mention, St. Louis had some fun places to visit. The Arch was within walking distance of America’s Convention Center, and there was a giant adult playground at the City Museum for those who are more adventurous! And don’t even get us started on how amazing the food is. Pappy’s Smokehouse, Landry’s Seafood, and Sugarfire are where it’s at!


With all the fun we had meeting you in St. Louis, we can’t wait to see you at NCTE in Houston next year!

Until then, feel free to reach out about our books, teacher support, digital platforms, samples, or just to say ‘hi!’

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