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I am not sure I will get any help here. However, I will post my question anyway. The images in the assignments are not being displayed when I or my students open the questions to work on. Is this normal? Is a problem with the course or the security settings in my school district?



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Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee

Hello! It does sound like the culprit could be a firewall from your school, please see this article: and make sure all of the URLs under Sapling Learning > High School are allowed. 

If you are able to let me know what product/edition you are using (such as SaplingPlus for The Updated Practice of Statistics 6e) and give me an example of a question number that isn't working I can look into it further as well.

Also, if you are ever unsure where to go to support you can reach out to your BFW Rep: or email: - Thanks! 

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