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Your ultimate playlist to take on the day!


As students, music can inspire us to do what is needed in order to accomplish tasks. Music can be used to maintain focus through studying, working out, spending time with friends, and commuting.


We all get distracted while trying to concentrate, especially when trying to write a ten-page paper or trying to study. Sometimes we just need to play music that won’t distract us and put our phones down. While it’s important to take a break from your electronics, you may not want to be in silence; this is when the background calming noise from music can help you focus more on what you’re doing. My favorite song to help me focus is Trigger Protection Mantra by Jhene Aiko.


Health and wellness are always important, especially for college students. Students may become tired or stressed out, but it’s always best to take a little time out of your day to workout. This allows your energy to keep flowing throughout the day. I personally like to stay energized no matter how tired I get because it allows me to be more productive throughout the day. A motivational song I like to listen to is Sicko Mode by Travis Scott and Drake.

Get Together

When we are throwing little get-togethers in the comfort of our homes or dorms, a well-needed playlist to vibe along to is always essential. Being with friends always brings good energy, especially if a reunion has been long overdue. Providing a welcoming environment and open space will have people leaving your house wanting to come back soon again. This includes making sure the music you play fits the mood. One of my favorite songs to listen to when friends are around is Before I Let Go by Beyonce.

Commuting Songs

Whether you are commuting between classes or campus by train, walking, or driving, you can make the trip more enjoyable with a quick playlist to sing along to. This can help you distract yourself from all your studies and escape into your own world. Whether you’re driving alone or with your friends, sharing music can provide a break from anything on your mind or stressing you out. A calming yet upbeat song I like to listen to is Talk by Khalid and Disclosure.

Music is essential for anything and everything; it is a way to become involved with yourself or even others. Through parties, commutes, alone time, or during a workout, it is a time to feel inspired and motivated.


Kristen Rossette
Cristo Rey New York

Kristen Rossette is a high school student at Cristo Rey New York graduating in 2020. She is currently an intern at Macmillan Learning in the Marketing department. Born and raised in Bronx, New York, you can usually find her in the city seeking opportunities in the fashion industry or for new places to eat!