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With so many apps out there, you may be unsure of what apps are useful and which are useless when it comes to succeeding in college (a.k.a Candy Crush) Here is a personally-tested list of apps to maximize your cell phone's or tablet's full potential in college:


‎Quizlet on the App Store: "Quizlet" allows you to make virtual flashcards for easy use on the go with learning tools and games that can be shared with your entire class or study group.

myHomework Student Planner: "myHomework Student Planner" is a way to track your class schedules, homework deadlines, and connect with professors to review assignments.

Flipd: Having trouble staying focused by constant temptation to scroll through Instagram? (shamefully, yes) "Flipd" blocks distractions, like social media sites, based on what you choose to block for a certain amount of time in order for you to have distraction-free studying.


Alarmy: Sleep if you Can: Pressed the snooze buttons too many times and showed up late to class? Pretty sure we all have at one point. "Alarmy: Sleep if you Can" prevents you from falling back to sleep by stimulating your brain and requiring you to finish a few "tasks" in order to turn off your alarm.


MealBoard: For those who enjoy making their own meals, "MealBoard" generates your grocery list based on specific recipes you choose, plans your meals, and stores recipes you input.

Moocho: For those who don't like to cook and want a break from campus food, "Moocho" connects with local vendors and offers deals to college students while offering rewards with every purchase that can be used for more food, clothing, or technology.


Venmo: "Venmo" is a digital wallet app that makes it easy to exchange payments between your contacts conveniently and free of charge. Split a pizza between your roommates? "Venmo" makes it easy to charge or pay your contacts without a trip to the ATM.

Mint: "Mint" is a personal finance management app to track your spending through budgeting features, your credit score, and alerts you if there are suspicious activities on your financial accounts.


Zombies, Run!: To all my zombie fans, the "Zombies, Run!" Gaming App makes running exciting by syncing your playlists on the app but with zombie noises in the background to encourage a faster speed to collect "supplies" to save yourself from the zombies.


Circle of Six: "Circle of Six" is a personal safety app that makes it easy to let the six people in your "circle" know where you are, how they can help in the situation, and alert hotlines if needed to guarantee your safety everywhere.

Mental Health

Headspace & MindShift: Apps such as "Headspace" and "Mindshift" can help some anxiety and stress that college students often feel throughout their time in college by offering meditation techniques and outlets to help the stressed-out college student.


BandsinTown Concerts: Want to find local music venues and bands for a fun Friday night? "BandsinTown Concerts" alerts you of any new musical events based on your preferred music genre.

Spotify: "Spotify" is a free music app for the basic features for endless amounts of fun. The basic features are free but "Spotify Premium" allows users to download music for offline listening ad-free and the ability to create your own playlists that is only $4.99/month with a valid college ID.

**All apps are iOS & Android accessible**

If you have the technology, then why not make it to benefit your life in college instead of just crushing candy!

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