Unconventional Jobs With Flexible Schedules for College Students

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Money-making gigs that work with YOU!


Between balancing schoolwork and social life, college can be hectic. On top of all of that, many of us have to support our living expenses by working part-time while attending classes. Here are unique job opportunities to earn some extra cash on a flexible schedule:

Dog Walker/Sitter

Yes, that's right, walking dogs and getting paid for it. Owning a dog is time-consuming, especially for working professionals who have busy schedules. This is an opportunity for students to make money in between classes by walking dogs and taking care of them.

Delivery Person / Transporter

Owning a car can be expensive on a college-student budget. An easy way to pay off a car would be to make deliveries for local restaurants or offer to drive people from your campus to the airport before holiday breaks in exchange for money. The benefits of this job are the ability to work at your own pace without disrupting your school schedule.


Working in your community as a handyman is an easy way to earn money while contributing to your community. Examples of handyman jobs are repairing fences, fixing broken furniture, and moving bulky furniture. Tools can be expensive, but buying them used or borrowing them from friends would save you from spending hundreds of dollars on a new toolset.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter

Learning sign language is not only useful but pays well. Most conferences and corporate events need an ASL Interpreter and these events generally take place on the weekends.

Drone Photographer

The demand for drones at many parties and corporate events to get a sky view of their events is a way to use your drone flying skills to make some extra cash. Drones can be costly but some models start off as low as $100 and produce great results.

Trading Stocks and Shares

Studying at a university gives you access to a pool of intellectuals in economics, finance, and computer science that have a great understanding of the stock market. Reading the news and consulting with these intellectuals would be a great learning experience on how to successfully trade stocks with minimal risk involved.

Remember, spend that "moo-lah" wisely and focus on your "school-a."

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