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Where’s the center of your campus?midday-on-campus-college-quest-banner.png


This image depicts a portion of the courtyard immediately outside my university center. I don’t know if it is smack in the “center” of campus per se, but it definitely feels like it because of how many people stay there to eat, sit down, do work, or pass the time. The courtyard of the “UCen” probably gets the most foot traffic out of everywhere on campus. It is one area where everyone spends time regardless of their major, unlike the elusive engineering portion of campus, and tour groups can feel the energy between passing periods. However, during lectures and toward the evening the atmosphere completely changes and it becomes very quiet. I like the different levels of activity one spot on campus could have, and I think it really represents the bustling but balanced life of a university student. Bonus: if you choose to attend UC Santa Barbara, you can look forward to a great view of the lagoon and ocean from the UCen while you study! 

Original Artwork by Mila AlcantarOriginal Artwork by Mila Alcantar



Mila Alcantar

Mila Alcantar is a recent graduate with a BA in Linguistics. Originally from the Bay Area, she is interning with the Rights Department of Macmillan Children’s Group. She loves taking care of her birds and is teaching herself guitar. You can usually spot her in the corner of the local library cafe.