How to Invest While in College

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Invest in yourself!


Is college too early to start investing? Should students wait until they graduate to think about investing? What, even, is investing? Imagine putting out your money to gain money back over-time. If you keep your money in your piggy bank, it won't grow! Investing is the perfect fix! 

Absolutely not! College is the perfect time to begin your journey with investing. Young investors have a tremendous advantage on their side -- time. Starting early can allow you to develop a positive attitude towards financial literacy because it teaches important lessons such as budgeting and saving.

 I know it can be hard to come up with extra money in college to do the things you need to, let alone to have excess spending money. But it doesn’t take much to begin! With time and discipline, you can begin by investing just $10 and watch your income expand! Let’s talk about 3 easy tips on how you can begin investing while in college.

Invest in what you know

Deciding where to invest your money can be complicated without knowing the proper information. Start by investing in the things you know. If you regularly shop at a store, you can estimate their profitability based on how stylish their clothes are, how many people regularly shop there, etc. 

Eliminate high-interest debts

Be sure to pay off debts before you start investing. This can be tough- but every dollar counts. Start off by paying off debt as early as you can. You do not want to worsen your financial condition by trying to invest while having high-interest loans! 

Create a brokerage account

Through brokerage accounts, you have access to a range of investments such as stocks and bonds. There are two main options that most investors choose as account providers: online brokerage accounts and Robo-advisors. It takes no time to begin setting up a brokerage account. You can typically complete an online account in less than 15 minutes.

Not only is college the perfect time to have fun, but it is also the perfect time to begin developing your financial portfolio. By using your free time in college learning to invest, you are less likely to develop poor financial habits such as overspending. The earlier you begin, the greater your potential return on investment, and the more money in your pocket! 

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