Homemade Birthday Gifts on a Budget

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How do you show you care while controlling your finances?


Buying a birthday gift for someone you love is always complicated when they already have everything they need. That's why budgeting creative gifts for your friends and family is convenient. Creating a homemade gift shows how much you truly care for someone and is a manageable way to save your money and to show your creativity.

Mason Jar of Love

One of my favorite creations for a birthday gift that expresses how much you appreciate someone is what I call the "Mason Jar of Love." On index cards, you will want to write as many reasons as possible why you love and appreciate this person. Or, you can even describe your favorite memories with them. Listed below are some things you will need to create your "Mason Jar of Love:"

  • Buy a mason jar: this is easily bought at Walgreens or Target.

  • Find pictures of you and the person together

  • Buy colorful index card: grab as many as you'd like or base the number of index cards on the age of the person you are giving the gift to

  • Get colorful sharpies/pens

  • Sneak in candy or chocolates in the jar

  • Add everything into the jar as you'd like it to appear

Coupon Book

Another perfect gift to give for someone's birthday is a Coupon Book, especially for your mom. Since some moms are constantly busy, a homemade coupon book designed to make their lives easier is a great idea! In this coupon book, you can include: washing the dishes, cleaning her room, giving her a massage, taking her out to eat, cooking for her, and whatever else she would enjoy. Some things you will need are:

  • Colorful construction paper

  • Colorful pens

  • Stapler or hole puncher

  • Ribbon to tie the book together

Bouquet of Candy Cars

As seen in our blog, "10 gifting ideas on a budget," a bouquet of flowers is always a nice gift too, but giving a Bouquet of Candy Bars can be great too! This is an inexpensive and heartwarming gift full of their favorite snack including various amounts of chocolates, candy, and even gift cards! Supplies you'll need are:

  • Vase

  • Tissue paper or cellophane

  • Ribbon

  • Foam

  • Candy bars

  • Skewers

  • Glue gun

  • Gift card (optional)

Recipe Ring

In case you're confused about what kind of gift to give your friend who loves to bake and cook, try considering a Recipe Ring as a gift. A recipe ring can include all different kinds of recipes whether they are homemade or come in a box. Some supplies you'll need are:

  • 4×6 blank note cards for the recipes

  • Colored paper

  • computer

  • Silver ring

  • Laminator

  • Hole punch

  • You'll need to make a hole punch in each notecard in the corner or on the sides in order to put the silver ring through them

  • You'll also want a cover notecard detailing what the Recipe Ring consists of

Homemade birthday gifts are simple, fun, and heartwarming to give and receive. You can always be as creative as you'd like when making gifts.

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