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Many students entering college often are surprised about the other side of independence. Often students think about not having a curfew or bedtime and they don’t think about the important things like food. 

Most colleges and universities have meal plans that offer students a certain amount of meals a week. This sounds like a sweet deal until students realize that their dining units are only open from 9am-7pm. Many students do not budget or realize that they have to budget for extra meals and groceries.

Shopping for groceries has always been a learned skill because it is an unknown variable. Many people do not know how the isles work or even what makes “good” groceries (groceries that will last a long time or have multiple uses). This list below will serve as a guide to help students along with their solo grocery adventures.


Rice: Rice can be mixed with nearly anything and is very filling, meaning it can be stretched for a long time.

Noodles: I think we have all had that one pot of pasta that lasted a week and a half. Noodles are a great carb for any meal.

Chicken: Baked, fried, smothered, grilled, or seared; chicken is probably the most versatile meat you can ever experience. It is hard to get bored with it. 

Cauliflower: This is a vegetable that does not go bad easily, often this is good as a meat substitute as well.

Frozen vegetables: These are pretty key as they will not waste your money because they can be thawed and frozen multiple times without going bad. This is much more efficient and cost-effective than fresh vegetables

Water Filters: This may seem like an expensive purchase at first, but it actually saves money on water bottles, specifically in areas that may have poor water quality. 

Shopping Tips

Write a list: Write a list and check it twice. Follow your list and it will cut down on impulse and unnecessary purchases.

Don’t go hungry: It sounds like an old wives’ tale, but it is the truth. If you are shopping on an empty stomach, you are more likely to buy things you honestly don’t need

Clip Coupons: You don’t have to be on the level of reality shows on TLC to get great savings with coupons. Most stores offer them online or have small magazines that are in the front lobby that contain coupons for you to get the best savings.


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